The phrase “Hide My Searches” seems like it’s a pretty straightforward phrase, but we’ve noticed some confusion around the web. This page will help you understand the different uses of “Hide My Searches” and give you resources to find more information about its different uses.

What is Hide My Searches?

Hide My Searches is a search engine like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It’s different from these major search engines because it focuses on user-privacy and keeping user search terms hidden. Its main purpose is to hide your searches, a useful feature for anyone who shares a computer or regularly searches for sensitive topics.

Hide My Searches Logo

What is is a search engine that helps internet users keep their search terms hidden. This URL is the home page of Hide My Searches. For the most part, Hide My Searches works like Google or any other search engine. It uses a number of methods to keep your browsing private, including local encryption, SSL encryption and not tracking your search history.

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How Can You Hide Your Searches?

If you aren’t looking specifically for the search engine Hide My Searches, perhaps you’re looking for information to hide your searches and keep your browsing history private. lists these methods to hide your browsing history:

  1. Use Private Browsing Modes
  2. Delete Your Cookies
  3. Limit Location Sharing
  4. Use private search engines
  5. Avoid Google’s Tracking
  6. Limit social media tracking
  7. Block ads and trackers
  8. Use a VPN
  9. Use a private browser
  10. Use TOR

Resources About Hide My Searches