Search Encrypt has a number of uses, both online and offline. We’ve put this page together to help users understand what it is they’re looking for and what the “Search Encrypt” actually means.

What is Search Encrypt?

Search Encrypt is a search engine. Unlike most major search engines, Search Encrypt will not track your search history. It is focused on delivering search results in a user-friendly way while protecting users’ search privacy. It is a metasearch engine, which means it collects search results from a number of different sources.

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What is Encryption?

Encryption is a way to transform plaintext or readable data into an encoded format. The encoded (or encrypted) version of the data can then only be decoded or transformed back into plaintext by another person or entity that has a “decryption key”.

Encryption is an absolute necessity online, as it allows for the secure transfer of sensitive information like payment information, health records and many more types of data. Encryption allows the user to input information into a website without worrying about that information being stolen or viewed by someone snooping on their browsing.

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What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a software system, accessed on the internet that gathers and maintains a database of information. It then allows users to input “queries” to search for information. The search engine then takes that search to its database and returns relevant or related information for the user.

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What is an Encrypted Search Engine?

Encrypted search engines take additional steps to keep their users’ search terms private and secure with encryption. Generally, these tools encrypt your search terms so when your browser sends your search to your network, your search terms are in encrypted form.

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